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Health & Safety

Why is health and safety training important?

Over 171 people are killed each year in accidents at work. Over 603 000 workers had an accident at work in 2010/11 which resulted in 26.8 working days lost due to health and safety incidents, with a total cost to business of £3,059 million (HSE figures).

Providing health and safety information

Training helps you to:
• Have competent employees
• Ensuring that your employees are not injured or made ill by the work.
• Develop a positive health and safety culture, where safe and healthy working  becomes second nature to everyone;
• How you could manage health and safety better;
• Meet your legal duty to protect the health and safety of your employees.

Cost of not providing training:

• Financial costs of accidents, resulting in demoted staff
• Loss of production
• Investigation of accident and associated paperwork
• Distress that accidents cause to staff
• Potential fines from authority’s

Don’t forget that your insurance doesn’t cover all these costs.

We can help you and your business

The law requires that you provide whatever information, instruction and training is needed to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of your employees.
• hazards and risks they may face;
• measures in place to deal with those hazards and risks;

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