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First Aid

Why do you need First Aiders?

Health and Safety legislation

It is a requirement of Health & Safety law that employers should ensure the health and safety and welfare of their employees and the public. Employees must also provide adequate personnel, training and equipment to render first aid to their employee.

603 000 workers had an accident at workin 2010/11 (HSE figures)

Workingdays lost due to health and safety incidents (26.4 million days)

Total costs to business £3,059 million


If Someone is chocking do you know what to do!

Please ensure that you know what to do…………

Their are thousands of people who choke every year in the uk. Attend a first aid course so you know what to do. If you have any questions then please contact me.

Will you know what to do in a life threating emergency?


We can help you and your business

We offer a number of courses that will provide your staff with the necessary skills to deal with an emergency situation in the workplace. Treating the casualty quickly can prevent the injury getting worse, reducing the time off work.

Any questions!

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